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Nundrisha Wakhloo

(CDC, 2015)
The past one year has been a wonderful journey of self discovery.
The exercises and the structure planned have been highly intensive and enriching in all ways possible. During this process I never realized how much could just seep in until the final diploma film, where I actually realized all that I had been taught was right there. I stand here knowing much more about who I am along with all the technical knowledge that I have been taught. The question that was asked constantly, “Why”? Has now become an important medium for finding myself and being able to express that in cinematic language .

Amit Jain

(CDC, 2015)
I came to this course with a very different understanding of the documentary form, and had very different objectives than now. But with each passing week, and month, I was faced with revelation after revelation, not just with regards to the form, but so much about the art of filmmaking itself, its intricacies, its nuances; technically and creatively. The fluidity and intensity of the course really does help one find one’s own voice, true to what the prospectus states. Because it inspires one to think about and question practically every aspect of oneself and one’s life, which in turn helps one know and understand oneself a lot better. As I have come to learn with CDC, and this is probably one of the most important lessons of my life this course has given me, that your film is a mirror; a reflection of one’s true self. And somewhere in the midst of it all, I have discovered, and rediscovered, myself, and facets of myself, in ways that I had never imagined.

Shubham Bhattacharya

(CDC, 2015)
The Creative Documentary Course at SACAC has been a very fruitful journey in the quest to understand cinema and learn the craft of filmmaking. The structure and progression of the course did not only just enrich my understanding of cinema, but of life through the lens. The faculty has contributed to a steep learning curve through which I acquired many useful skills to independently express myself through the medium of cinema. I take away from this course an attitude of mindfulness and attentiveness to the myriad possibilities of the world around me.

Manur Raj Katyal

(CDC, 2015)
Creative Documentary Course was a great learning experience. In the last one year we met many filmmakers who shared their experiences with us and watch so many documentary films of different kinds. It is an intensive course that really needs you to immerse yourself in it. I was very lucky to be part of the course as in now when it’s finished it has left me with confidence of the art which is based on true knowledge and skill.

Daksh Punj

(CDC, 2015)
For me the course was like a cleansing process. It gently made me look at the way I look at the world around me. It was also a journey where I came closer to myself and the external while picking up various skill sets along the way. I feel enriched and now I'm trying to find ways to take forward this learning.

Varhun Trikha

(CDC, 2013-2014)
The teaching philosophy of this course was very different, because it was about `finding your own voice’. It was about You, it was about your voice. On the one hand it’s a journey you have to have on your own, but at the same time you can never really undergo it if you’re not pushed in that direction, in knowing yourself better – because nobody wants to do it. And the way the course was structured, it was really as if we were becoming a part of each other….all of us, all the students. You try making sense of yourself by looking at others, which is very interesting and I think having people from different backgrounds really made the entire environment very rich. The learning environment was really very rich.

Radhika K. Fatania

(CDC, 2013-2014)
It just gives you so much joy when you see your skills being put together and some form of art and meaning coming out through your films. Apart from learning the very intricate art of filmmaking from scratch, this course has given so much more freedom to myself, becoming more mature as a person, and more responsible as well.

Ansh Ranvir Vohra

(CDC, 2013-2014)
What makes this course very different is that we are not following a very linear structure. So right when we began we were thrust into a project, and we were made to unlearn what we had already learnt. All of us come from different conditioning and a different idea of what a documentary is supposed to be. The time in the course has been dedicated to trying to break that definition and create our own definitions of what a documentary is and should be. The faculty has been really, really nice. They keep coming up with new challenges to put us through, but they’ve also been guiding us through those challenges, helping us whenever we got stuck. Apart from academicians, we have had a lot of practicing filmmakers come and give us workshops, very practical workshops. It’s almost like learning on a film…like learning on the job. It’s not just textbook knowledge… it’s never been that, right from the beginning.

Akshika Chandna

(CDC, 2013-2014)
This being a documentary course, I was unsure as I was more into fiction, but now after the course I am looking for jobs in documentary alone! Because I think it has more drama, more life to it and hasn’t been explored enough in India. I have developed this love towards documentary. This course has brought me closer to life actually. And made me comfortable in my own skin.

Satendra Singh

(CDC, 2013-2014)
A documentary can also be a story of two friends. We never saw such films, so didn’t know this! We learnt during the course what all a documentary can be. It can be about life, relationships and many other things. It’s not just about going up with a mic to someone. It’s about how you can be closer to someone’s life, be friends with them…now I love fiction and documentary both and want to work in both fields.