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This course is not on offer in 2015-16

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This is a unique combination of a film direction course and a script writing course, which are offered separately elsewhere. The film direction and script writing course trains students to streamline the process of imagining a story, thinking it in audio-visual terms, adapting it to a screenplay and realizing it cinematically through the filmmaking process.

The technical understanding of script writing and film direction is imparted to the student gradually through a series of workshops.
(For more details go to the Common Modules section here).

They are made responsible to lead the team that will collaborate to convert the script to a film. Thus, the student of the film direction course develops the directorial ability of making the right decision at the right time.

Each student specializing in film direction and screenplay writing directs 3 short fiction and 1 documentary film from the2nd semester onwards. This gives ample opportunity to learn from experience and through making mistakes. Thus, the student of the script writing and film direction course gets sufficient time to evaluate his/her strengths and aptitudes as well as areas of improvement before venturing out into a film making career.

As the course combines inputs of a film direction course and a screenplay writing course, the student gets career options in both fields, Film Direction and Script Writing, upon passing the course. The course equips the students with understanding of artistic and production aspects of both fiction and documentary cinema.

The media industry is as vast and diverse as one sees in cinema theatres, TV, internet, mobile phones, and even multimedia kiosks & events. The student will have the choice of joining in the following avenues:

  • Production houses
  • Television channels
  • Ad & Corporate production houses
  • Film production houses
  • Multimedia production houses
Many past students of the film direction and script writing course have made the choice of pursuing a career as a freelance professional, working as an Independent Filmmaker, Documentary Filmmaker, Assistant Director and Writer or even producing films independently. This is a choice which is initially difficult in terms of a career, but is very creatively satisfying.

  • Graduates from any discipline
  • Admission is subject to an aptitude test followed by orientation & interview

  • Creative and innovative bent of mind
  • Flair for writing and keenness on research
  • Commitment & motivation for long term engagement with the film medium
  • Qualities of self motivation, patience, dynamism, perseverance and aptitude to lead a team

Student must have 1 TB hard drive with Fire-wire port and a PC/Mac laptop with any basic screenwriting software.

Please note: Travel, lodging & boarding expenses for all trips have to be borne by students. The facilities are basic, clean and reasonable. The course bears the cost of additional faculty, facilities and equipments.

The first semester of the film making course contains the foundation modules which are common for all students. Every students works in every module individually. (For more details go to the Common Modules section here)

From the second semester, the students selecting the Film Direction & Screenplay Writing course start getting special inputs in their chosen area. However, they work with students from other disciplines together in common sessions on film and allied aesthetics as well as for production of short films.

The students of the film direction and script writing course get theoretical as well as practical inputs on key skills that are required for film direction & screenplay writing such as:

  • Research and interview
  • Understanding visual perspective and lensing
  • Understanding narrative structures
  • Scripting for documentary
  • Screenplay for fiction
  • Scripting for mixed form
  • Directing documentary
  • Writing dialogue
  • Developing mise-en-scene
  • Directing actors
  • Directing Dialogue
  • Directing choreography
  • Directing action
  • Production planning and scheduling

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