Dr. Sakshi Chanana is an Assistant Professor in English at Shaheed Bhagat Singh College, Delhi University. She completed her PhD. from the Centre of English Studies, J.N.U, Delhi. She has been engaged in poetry writing both as a discipline and a hobby. Her poems have been published in an anthology titled ‘Webs of Light’ published by Inner Child Press; U.S.A.

‘Web of Lights’ primarily deals with the twin themes of construing love as an infallible light of the cosmos as well as a kind of web that fixates us to this world of senses and its relationships. It attempts to highlight that it is only by immersing oneself into this deep web that one can transcend it and undo its illusion. For a poet, everything is real as long as it is lived on the plane of experience. Most of the poems have been created in different ways of being and thus each of them represents a different aspect of human life:Contradictory and ambivalent. Such then is the texture of this book, life in general as well as the cosmos-always changing and evolving. The focus of this book thesis to to spread the message of myth of individualism and to allude how all our differences are but a matter of mere illusionary perceptions.

She regularly contributes to numerous poetry journals and magazines. She has curated workshops in Jaipur, Pathankot and New Delhi. She is currently a pre-jury member of FON short story contest award, an initiative of the Kumaon Literary Festival.