Abhishek Pandey

I am currently in Mumbai arranging and programming music for Arko Pravo Mukherjee and doing similar things with the likes of Ankit Tiwari and Amaal Mallik. I am working on a Web Series too simultaneously. In addition, I am making my own Music and in talks with the record label Sony Music, India, for some of these to be a part of upcoming Bollywood movies.

For me, the first priority is to feel the music, to understand what it is truly saying and be in awe of the fact that I am creating something out of nothing! One can learn technicalities with practise, but nobody can teach you the core of creativity. So in music, I am passionate about the very basic, first step – of sitting down with my instrument in a blank slate of mind, and trying to write or make something out of nothing. The whole process of making a new song is magical. Every small detail has to be kept in mind, if one wants to make a good song. The right balance is what makes something brilliant. It is like a newborn baby to me!

Therefore, no matter what I learn I have to unlearn it afterwards, to be able to make a completely new product each time, so that it is nowhere similar to the work I did before.

The whole atmosphere at SACAC, from the very first day in fact, was to give priority to all the knowledge that is already inside you. The other technicalities, as I mentioned earlier, came second and in that campus I learned both.

So yes, I have started my journey with no idea of which station it will take me to. But one thing I am sure of and that is – that I boarded the right train!