Aniket Parmar


I am an explorer. I like to create dialogues with inanimate objects in which I find my own shelter. So, I started seeking the idea of shelter . This lead to a thought of the place where I had found peace and rest during critical periods. The space where all my thoughts get vanished within a moment and a deep serenity spreads into the atmosphere. The space where I have felt mental achievement.
But as I live in a physical world, I need to think it through within the context of my living space.¬† The space where beds and chairs are meant to be present, on which I can sit and lay down to feel my ‘ekaant’, my own self.
I always feel that there is a certain connection between me and the surroundings which relates me to the oneness with that space. With this feeling, I want to dwell my nature with the nature of that place so to lose my identity and to recreate it into a new being which is present in the absence.
This project is fulfilled with my affection and fascination towards these spaces but the purpose is to evolve myself from this attachment  and let myself become free from the philosophy of oneness. I want to give rebirth to my own self as my identity is hidden under the silence of the space. Even though it has been a sweet bonding between both of us but I want to break this chain between us.