Arjun Chabra

Life In Blue Men dressed in faded hues of blue and carrying luggage with the gleaming golden band on their arms that serves as a mark of recognition – as many as 168 porters work at Inter State Bus Terminal in Kashmere Gate, Delhi and in my graduate project I have attempted to document their day-to- day struggles. After spending some time with them, I came to appreciate their resilience in the face of the adverse conditions that they work and live in. However, I did not want make photographs that reduced them to merely subject of pity or sympathy. Hence I tried my best to develop a bond with the porters so that they could trust me enough to not treat me as an intruder.

Their emotions served as the joining dots for me to be able to understand how to go about the project. The brute strength with which they go about their work is a blessing and a curse at the same time, I got a glimpse into their personal moments what is admirable is that they have learnt to smile in the face of adversities and value each others company. I know that I have just begun this journey and I hope in time my essay will evolve into an intimate portrait of the unsung lives.