Nikita Patro

Only in whispers

Reality mixed with inner fears and vivid imagination describe my sleep. My nightmares are insecurities and fears that I felt as a child which haunt me even today. For me, these are like a reality where harmony and peace are as absent as tooth fairies and goblins from the real world. My parents work would often involve us moving to different cities in India. When I found myself alone in an unknown place, I would imagine stories of new encounters with strangers, some good and some bad, to keep myself occupied. All this gave rise to nightmares that were sometimes difficult to get up from. I feared letting someone into this world and thought I would be ridiculed for my insanity. Why do I suffer from these thoughts? Are they a form of insecurity from my real life? I’m trying to look for clues and put together all the missing pieces. Maybe one day I’ll find an answer. In this series I tried to piece together and confront elements from my nightmares. My aim is to give these terrors a visual taste of what lies between the realm of sleep and consciousness.