Nitin Joshi

I am Jaunsari

I belong to the Jaunsari tribe residing in Chattou village in the Himalayas. Jaunsar and Bawar tribes are habitants of Chakrata tehsil in Uttarakhand. Although I grew up in the chaos of Delhi and Pune, my childhood vacations were filled withs visits back home to meet my family. I always felt a special connection with the people and the village during these times. The vast mountainous landscape gave me a freedom to walk about and draw my own connect with my own connect with my land. The simplicity of the place, the people and its customs is something I wished to connect with more. After completing my studies, I always felt the desire to go back home , spend time in my village and re-explore it with my camera. Today most of the people from my tribe are moving out of the region and leaving for better education, facilities and the idea of an urban life. I felt like going back and to stay there and document what is left today and which wont be same again tomorrow!