Rohit Kumar

The Rise of Cities

I have been photographing the cityscape in the National Capital Region (NCR) around Delhi, to depict the various developmental projects initiated in this region. I also want to show life in these cityscapes. As a kid, I used to travel from Delhi to my villages in Haryana and Himachal. I still remember peeking out of the window and getting mesmerized looking at the stunning landscapes. Now there has been a drastic change in the landscape. These are two faces of the same coin. The rural parts of the country are getting influenced with globalization and development. Many large-scale developmental projects are going on in the rural parts of the NCR region like Gurgaon, Sonipat, Panipat, Faridabad etc. It is an interesting aspect that not only cities are growing in number but the rural community is also adopting urban culture, giving up on their own ideals. Rural to Urban transformation can be observed in these areas.
In this ongoing body of work, I am trying to show the balance between nature and the human intervention in these spaces; the two can co-exist without affecting each other. Both the beauty of the natural world alongside the man made structures deeply moved me while making these photographs. In this body of work I am trying to show the extent to which humans have shaped their surroundings. In my photographs I want to depict the awe-inspiring extent of our creative and destructive powers, allowing the viewer to draw his or her own conclusions over the impact of such developmental projects.
By Rohit Kumar