Shipra Poddar


NIGHTMARES The only dreams I have are nightmares –that of my fears and anxieties. They are an extension of my conscious imaginations and a reflection of stories in my mind that were disrupted by other thoughts. I don’t have any recollection of my childhood. None whatsoever. Memories of earlier times, with my family and friends and good dreams, if ever I had any, have com – pletely faded. But the nightmares that I have had several years back are still deeply etched in my consciousness. I find it so strange that I remember them all. Fear of the dark, ghosts, lurking shadows, crawling insects and reptiles, loss and demise are experiences felt by me for real, though unconsciously. And my night – mares bring all of these fears to life. They remind me of times that were difficult and scary; like a warning or even an omen that something really bad is about to happen. Are these nightmares for real? Do they have any rela – tion with real life? Are they connected in any way? These questions haunt me. In this project I have re-constructed these nightmares and used photography to try and help me deal with my fears. I have used the camera to confront my
demons with the hope of putting them to rest. Forever.