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Certificate Weekend Course in Still Photography


Photography is the most popular medium that captures life as goes by. Travelling, visiting a new place, important events and tender moments; every time such incidents come up one surely feels like capturing it for posterity. A pictured shared with someone dear to you living somewhere else or simply putting your favourite picture framed in your drawing room can give you a distinct identity. But the challenge of taking a good photograph is not just being there at that very moment; it’s also about aesthetically evocative composition and choosing technically sound exposure setting and shutter speed. One has to understand the magical interplay of light, shadow and colour to create magic in a frame. 

The Still Photography course introduces you to the exciting world of photography if you have the passion to pursue it as career. Or else if you want to just pursue it to fulfill your creative urges this course in Still Photography gives you the opportunity to do just that. If you have a creative spirit or booming with ideas and would love to give them visual impressions, then this Still Photography course is all you need to make a head start.

Skills Developed

  • Develop the inner eye
  • Observation
  • Visual Sense
  • Composition
  • Interplay of light
  • In depth understanding of DSLR camera


  • Know your Camera –Workings and function of a digital camera
  • Basics of Lighting –Role and importance of natural light in photography
  • Composition - Key aspects of a good composed shot
  • Studio lighting – Workings of different types of studio lights work
  • Portrait Photography–Know the art of portrait in natural and studio light
  • Field Assignment - Practice photography
  • Edit your work


Idris Ahmad
Idris’s photography invites you to come along on his travels and explore new worlds as he sees them through his camera. The playful joie de vivre of children on the snow covered slopes of spiti, the calm amid the cacophony of the kumbh, the brooding stillness of majestic mountains: idris’s camera brings many stories to life. All of his pictures tell a story, but with each viewer entitled to their own vision.

Idris taught photography for several years before striking out on his own. A trip to Spiti convinced him to begin his career as a freelance photographer and he hasn’t looked back since. He has traveled widely, looking at the world through his viewfinder, and his photographs span a series of subjects and places. Feel humbled by the sheer vastness of spiti, see a riot of colors envelop the world as villagers play Holi in Braj, and see the faithful return from prayers at Jerusalem in Israel.

Idris stays in Delhi, and can be contacted at idrisphotography@gmail.com. To know more about him yourself, you may log on to www.idrisphotography.com

Nilay Jyoti
Nilay is a graduate in Arts from B.Barooah College, Guwahati. He has nurtured a passion for photography since childhood. Apart from his responsibilities at SACAC, he also takes on freelance photography assignments, specialising in product and garment photography. He is also a founder member of the Delhi Photography Club and is an active member there.

Admission & Fees

Age – 16 onwards

Seats -limited 

Course begins
November 2015

All the participants need to have DSLR camera.
All participants will be intimated of the exact date the course begins via e-mail.

2 Months (48 Hours across 16 Sessions) 
Classes: Twice in a week, (Saturday and Sunday)

Registration Fee: INR 1,000/- 
Course Fees: INR 17,500
Applicable service tax additional.

Note: Registration valid only for a year


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