Student Life

Student life at SACAC is all about facilitating learning in a relaxed, happy, and harmonious environment. We encourage our students to be conscious, evolved, responsible and community-centric professionals in the fields of arts and media. Our curriculum too helps facilitate this goal. Our pedagogy is a combination of class-room lectures and hands-on learning through guest lectures, symposiums, talks, and mentored projects. The SACAC campus while in academic session is a lively, vibrant place where in the midst of the greenery one can see clusters of students engaging in animated discussions with each other or the faculty. Our faculty are encouraged to mentor the students not just with their course work but also in their daily lives! Many students end up developing lasting friendships with their teachers. The Sattvik Café at SACAC offers not just refreshments but also a venue for refreshing ideas, debates and discussions. This is not just a place to equip a student with a professional course but also to arm a young professional with a life-skill that will help him deal with the challenges that life throws at him!