Academic Partnerships & Industry Collaborations


SACAC is proud to collaborate and partner with leading institutes across the world who have enabled and promoted media and arts education in India. We have also partnered with brands and industry leaders who have aided our process and curriculum.

Since 2017, Creative Documentary Course has been collaborating with Goethe - Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan (a cultural organization, active across the world, working in collaboration with local partners on a wide spectrum of cultural, artistic and reflexive programs and projects) and Thinking Film.

Thinking Film is committed to pedagogy, non-fiction cinema, ideas around representation and relationships contained within cinematic articulation. It values the interaction between the ethics and aesthetics as an impetus for finding form, and supports inquiries into diverse forms of image-making.

The School of Photography at SACAC has had a fruitful and continuing collaboration with the MurthyNAYAK Foundation which has led to three successful photography grants so far. The Foundation has also consistently supported the many initiatives by the department to add to the growth of photography and photography course in India which has led to the creation of meaningful and socially relevant work.

School of Photography has also partnered with ZEISS Camera Lenses and Equipment which has supported our students on their journeys as professional photographers.