Message From Chairperson

The purpose of education is not merely to provide information, or training and skills for a professional career. It must also equip us with life skills and be a means of self-discovery and service to others.

Education at SACAC is therefore an integral process, which tries to provide all these, while helping students to develop their faculties, imbibe values and become conscious individuals.

Our energetic and talented faculty and staff are dedicated to these ideals and work hard to create an atmosphere that inspires and encourages self-development and self-expression.

Our hope and vision at SACAC is that of enthusiastic students, growing and transforming into young professionals, who create a new future based on truth, harmony, creativity and beauty.

We invite you to join us on this exciting journey.

Shri Vijay Poddar

Message From Director

It will be my pleasure to welcome you to the Sri Aurobindo Centre for Arts and Communication (SACAC).

The Centre encourages creative learning in media arts and communication with a focus on individual holistic growth. As a student here you will be at the centre of everything we do. We will give you the opportunity to learn new skills, try out new hobbies, know yourself better, make a contribution to your community as well as meet new friends along the way.

We are fortunate to be positioned in the heart of South Delhi on a sprawling green campus and have an environment that is conducive for academic learning as well as artistic and intellectual stimulation. We work hard to make sure our students are provided with the environment and infrastructure facilities they deserve.

The SACAC Programmes have been developed keeping a unique pedagogy and curriculum in mind in order to facilitate creative learning in media arts and communication. Our pedagogy attempts to give the students a strong foundation in the disciplines by exposing them to the latest and best in their respective field – be it film making, photography, audio engineering or Ad & PR while instilling in the students the spirit of experimentation that is needed in order to find their signature technique and style when they practice their craft as industry professionals.

We have chosen our faculty with care so that this can happen. Our faculty members have impeccable credentials as well as ample industry experience which makes skilled in their respective fields. Many of them have won awards in media arts and communication and this has resulted in our alumni doing well after they graduate from the Institute to join the industry's successful photography shows over the years, and our Student film work in recent years travelling internationally to win accolades bear testimony to this claim. From the Ad & PR department we have alumni placed and working in the top agencies across India, thriving in their professional lives. Our Audio Engineering Graduates are part of some of the most sought after Studios in Delhi, work with all the best venues in the city for Live Sound, record & mix with respected professionals here and in Mumbai, and since recently, are even part of film teams for sound as well as in main stream Bollywood composing and arranging Music !

In fact our alumni is our pride and joy as they have kept in touch with the Institute over the years and regard the place almost as a second home where they can come back to any time!

We do our best to provide a happy and purposeful atmosphere where staff and students will have a wonderful relationship by working in partnership with each other. We hope that this will ensure a SACAC community where each student will feel connected, valued and can flourish.

I do hope you decide to join us. Wishing you a successful and fruitful academic year ahead!

Daljeet Wadhwa