Teaching Philosophy


At SACAC, our teaching philosophy stems from the principles of the integral education of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother. In essence, this philosophy emphasizes that teaching is a two-way process involving equal participation of the students and teachers. Our pedagogical principles are designed around this framework.

We promote original thought and innovation, encouraging our students to explore and express their creative selves. At SACAC, it is our belief that the teacher is a co-creator with the student and recognises the uniqueness of each student and their natural capacity to learn. Our faculty creates an environment enabling experiential learning and progressive development.

An Optimum Teacher-Student Ratio helps provide personal attention to each of our students and ensures fruitful interactions between faculty and students.

Practicing professionals from the industry are the chief constituents of our faculty pool. Well-versed with the latest happenings in the dynamic world of media, they create an interesting and effective mix of theory and practice in their classes to help students internalize key concepts.

Our wish and ambition, and hence our endeavour, is to help each student reach an innate understanding of the core of creative expression. All our actions are guided by this central thought and to this end, students are exposed to varied art forms and expressions of creativity. Further, through a guided process they learn to integrate it all into an evolved, unique creative expression of their own which can be applied in the course of work in their chosen field.