Vivek S Nambiar

The Journey so far:
The very first experience I had just after my SACAC course was an eye-opener. The amount of time I spent at work and how hard I had to work made me appreciate the time and effort I had put in at SACAC. Everything I had learned about my course was important, but most importantly I used my ability to work hard. After my Internship, it was easy for me to shift to events. The Advertising and PR course built in me the importance of COMMUNICATION. Everything in life was about communication and effective one. Planning and execution of events were all about good communication. I capitalized on what I had learned at SACAC to make a lateral shift. Continuing the streak from Events when I got an opportunity to shift to Journalism, it was not difficult for me at all since I already had the sensibility of good communication. At SACAC the emphasis during the course was about communication. Brand specific and PR specific. Now I am at India Today and I learned a lot during that time and found my calling in Journalism. All the practical skills gained with experience and added to that the values of communication learned at SACAC gave me a cutting edge over my role as a Journalist. I was able to crack a journalism position without doing a journalism course. Even during events management, brand management during events and brand content without doing an Events specialization. The faculty particularly comes from the industry bringing with them rich experience and practical learning. Because of which it is easy for us to bridge the distance between classroom learning and internship in office.

Inspired by SACAC:
I discovered myself, on my spiritual journey as we went along the year at SACAC. Life at SACAC for me was never about academics. The Institute inspires you to give your best for life. The value system of hard work and deep knowledge are now a part of my life.

Tanima Kohli

My Journey so far:
I am a Literature graduate from Lady Shri Ram College for Women and I joined SACAC's Ad & PR course to learn about the field of Advertising, particularly, the creative side of advertising. The teaching methodology adopted by SACAC - a no book approach, is a refreshing learning experience altogether. The course is broadly divided into Advertising and Public Relations. The college provides a holistic approach towards learning and has modules like Photography, Film Making, Marketing, Digital Marketing and Creative Ideation integrated into it to help the students have a complete picture. The faculty for each and every module are professionals from the industry which provide their valuable knowledge from their real life experiences. The faculty pushes each student to their best potential, grooming them to face the industry ahead. Each year the students get a live project which provides an excellent platform to apply the learnings from the course. The course devotes ten months towards education and the last two months for an internship. They also assist you with good placements on campus. If you are interested in the field of either Advertising or Public Relations, this is a great place to be in. The faculty with their exceptional credentials, and the modules covered in the course will enrich your knowledge.

Inspired by SACAC:
The entire vibe of the campus is very positive and endearing. Learning here is supported by the inner being development and every learning experience therefore is deep and meaningful.

Sonali Chugh

I am now
An excerpt from her blog about her time spent at SACAC:
What you must expect from PG diploma in advertising and mass communication at SACAC (based on my takeaways)*
No traditional approach please! Brace yourself for newer and better ways of thinking- from generating ideas and solutions for real-time problems to presenting with alternatives.

Beyond words and rhetoric: You have my word, there is more substance to it than jazz, expect to become more coherent. Once you are through halfway, you will be articulate and on point, or more likely less vague.
Straight from the horse’s mouth: Professionals from digital marketing, advertising and public relations provide you with rare insights.

Never a moment of stagnation: Throughout the year, lecturers constantly get better and worked out and around as per the requirements of the class.

Placements: SACAC helps you with lucrative look-ins but reciprocate with attendance and understanding, also learn and work on yourself.

Inspired by SACAC:
All through my journey here, I grew more than a year beyond my age and spectrum of knowledge and now; I have started to learn, apply and think; I rediscovered consciousness beyond frailty and excuses; I have come to terms with my weakness. There are ample opportunities offered by this institution but the effort must come from within. Make the most of these opportunities, stir in some effort and conviction, and voila!

The place that this is (SACAC) has a deep humane connection.

Gitanshu Jetly

My Journey So far
It has been rocky and heady both at the same time. I came from a Sales & Marketing background before SACAC and what attracted me most to the Institute were the great examples I could see who had graduated from the batch. I ws already working for an Events company and so my smooth progression was towards Advertising and PR. What I did not anticipate was the foray into Digital Marketing as well. The Advertising and PR course at SACAC equipped me with an deeper understanding of Campaigns and PR work. My whole perspective of what PR could be changed post the course. Prior to the course, PR was all about the monetary return of it and the value addition would be measured in context of coverage and how much gain would be made. After experiencing the SACAC course I learnt to look at PR from a consumer, Market Research and Advertising perspective. My time spent at SACAC geared me up to manage a large number and different kind of projects/clients at one point of time.

Inspired by SACAC:
What I gained at SACAC is not just knowledge, but a deeper inner peace and the ability to call upon my self during times of stress. The advertising and PR industry is so fast-paced and the challenge driven, I have faced many situations in my professional life wherein the spiritual training of my mind helped me cope with the suddenness of situations and the stress that came with it. I was able to deal with many problems creatively.

Shalini Kaushik

My Journey so far:
The continuous support I have received from the College is un-paralled. I was the first one to be placed and so I was juggling completing my course and work both at the same time. The Institute and the office both were extremely understanding and cooperative. Studying at SACAC was a milestone change for me in life. My current position in Google is creative in nature and the knowledge gained in SACAC about the various subjects around Advertising and PR was so much more than that. I got to satiate my curiosity of other courses like Graphics, Photography and even Digital Marketing. The whole bouquet came together to create a very wholesome course for me. Today where I am in Google, I use all my skills I developed. I am also now pursuing an executive course at ISB and I feel positive about my prospects in life!

Inspired by SACAC:
Being at SACAC was never just about learning for me. My time spent there was a deeper connect with myself. I have spent time in campus reading so many books. The environment in the institute is about being grounded, being rooted. The vibes are so positive and there is constant spiritual encouragement to do better in life.

Eesha Singh

My journey so far:
From being a confused child all the way to being strong, confident and hard-working, all are values that got developed at SACAC. I came in not knowing whether I was a follower or a leader. Today I stand tall, my role at IKEA makes me proud. I was an Auditor before I joined SACAC for the Advertising and PR course. My key reason to join was to make Communication my area of work. My first job was 2.5 years long and taught me the value of my knowledge. It was in the field of Digital marketing and I learnt the ropes on the job. It helped me foray into a business development role at IKEA. Today I am a proud Alum of SACAC.

Inspired by SACAC: The people at SACAC offer valuable guidance at the right time. It helps you channelize your thoughts and energies very well. Learning at SACAC is also about practical application that goes a long way during internship and work.

Siddharth Monga

My Journey so far:
My drastic and complete transformation from being an engineer to an Advertising and PR professional is one that gives me jitters even today. After completion of my engineering the one thing that haunted me was that my work would not let me work with people. I was a very people person and that made me look out for a course like I found at SACAC. After the initial interactions with the team at SACAC I was convinced this course would add an edge over the traditional Marketing MBA’s and even a course like MICA. After the course I interned with many reputed companies like Olive. I continuously knew something critical was missing. I learned Digital at SACAC and on the job. Today I work with a subsidiary of Dentsu, extremely happy with the clients I work with and using my knowledge and experience. The course structure is designed in such a way that it not only equips you to learn the 3 pronged marketing approach – Advertising, PR and Digital Marketing, but also allows you to implement the same sealing your learning.

Inspired by SACAC:
I was someone who broke tables in class, never respected teachers, never carried notebooks during my engineering days. SACAC awakened my senses. I learned to deeply respect my environment, learning and faculty. The campus, people and the practice inspires each and every student to give their best. Not just in academics. Spending time in campus during the course helped me connect with my own self to realize my potential. Today I am a confident individual with a dream and aspirations to fulfil. Thank you SACAC!

Pallav Gogoi

The journey so far:
I began work with SAMSUNG in their advertising department after SACAC. Being from mechanical engineering background I knew I will have to put in a lot of hard work to take a lateral shift. My time with Samsung was creatively spent and yet I knew there was something missing. I started work with a PR agency in Delhi and knew that I found my calling. After gaining experience, I started my own PR agency with a Co-founder. This was the time I realized moving back to Assam was always somewhere deeply ingrained in me. I returned to my home-town to work from here and since then have not had the time to look back. I have a home-stay of my own, I farm ,am venturing into construction work , starting a photography school here with another friend and am constantly positive about my future.

Who I was before SACAC and who I am today, are polar opposites. From the basic no understanding of life and doing everything wrong that one can do, today I wake up knowing I am on the right path. SACAC not only added valuable work experience to my portfolio but made me realize I have no limits. I was unstable, restless and never focussed on what I wanted to extract out of life. The journey through SACAC helped me discover who I really was. From being a unidirectional individual I am now a multi-faceted individual.