A Different Kind of Learning

Sri Aurobindo Centre for Arts and Communication: A Different Kind of Learning

As a centre for creative learning, SACAC understands that each individual comes with a unique set of strengths and challenges. The curriculum is a scrupulously designed mix of theory and practice to help you sharpen your artistic expression while imbibing an impeccable technical and conceptual skill set. Students are exposed to unlimited possibilities, through interaction with industry members, experts and academicians, a location that leverages the best of New Delhi and mass communication and media arts courses that encourage experiential learning off campus as much as on it. The pedagogy of the institute keeps changing as per the media industry. Most of our subjects are taught with real case-studies. The faculty member is a working professional himself/herself, who adds tremendous gain to the conversations in the classrooms. Everything can be explained with a real case-study.

As a SACACian, I feel there’s an extensive emphasis on developing the creative being in each student with so much industry knowledge one can find their root of interest. Learning at SACAC is not just about imbibing skills, it is more about being able to think, big and different. All students are empowered and nurtured with classes and workshops in Photography, Graphics Design and even Sociology. The interactive and creative problem solving is at the heart of all learning. The entire vibe of the campus is very positive and endearing. Learning here is supported by the inner development and every learning experience therefore is deep and meaningful.

My journey so far, I feel more than a year beyond my age and spectrum of knowledge and now, I have started to learn, apply and think about my consciousness beyond frailty and excuses; I have come to terms with my weakness. There are ample opportunities offered by this institution but the effort must come from within. The place that this is has a deep humane connection. The vibes are so positive and there is constant spiritual encouragement to do better in life.

In this series, I will keep adding more about my experience. This is just a beginning to a wonderful journey.