Businesses with a heart

                                     Businesses with a heart

               People look for brands with a purpose that aligns with them.

Brands that align mind with the heart - are shaping and changing the nature of businesses today. People look for brands with a purpose that is meaningful to them. A balance of technology rooted in purpose is important to channel the right message to the people. Today when the entire planet is awakening, to more than what we call sight, is perception, the ability to discern right and wrong has taken an extremely important place in world.

So, we all were stuck in our homes and couldn’t go out, right? Me being a woman wanted to get my vanity done. I was extremely worried about cleanliness and hygiene and still wanting to get a perfect job done for me. So I booked a beauty treatment with “Urban clap”. A beautiful young woman knocked at my doorstep right on time. She covered herself with sheets before getting in and sanitized herself and the equipment’s that she had carried along. As she was doing her job my eyes caught the sleeve of her uniform with a patch saying -“Atmanirbhar Bharat.” In curiosity I asked her about her experience with the company and she narrated the whole situation from her training provided by the company to her promotion and how the entire business takes care of the employees. I was totally impressed seeing a business empowering women from every background, caste, creed and culture.

After this experience, a new perception, a new way of seeing the brand developed for me and since then I am in touch with the Urban Company on frequent basis. It makes so much sense to support a business that supports the community. I have also suggested one of the local beauty salon workers near my residence to connect with the company and enhance her talents to create more work opportunities for herself.

While beauty treatments are occasional for me, sports is a daily affair. And I purchase sports related products mainly from Decathlon. The purpose of the brand is extremely relatable and meaningful to me. Being a hiker, traveler, a vegetarian and nature loving person, I connect with people in my community who share similar interests and we support businesses that include everyone in the society and encourage sustainability.


We make sports accessible for the many.”


Our purpose is the reason why we innovate at every single step of the creation process in order to create exclusive        products for the enjoyment of our users.

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