Is IMC As Simple As it Seems?

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When we hear the concept of IMC, it seems like a very simple concept to us. It sounds like a simple concept of communicating with your target audience. But the question is whether this communication is that simple or not. In this article we will explore how IMC is integral for building a brand image.

Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) is a concept that ensures all forms of communications, messages and promotional tools work in harmony. This approach is essential to the brand as well as to communicate your ideas to your target audience.

Benefits of Integrated Marketing Communication

IMC requires a lot of effort but it offers many benefits too. It helps in boosting sales and profits in a very cost-effective manner. IMC is essential in maintaining a healthy relationship with the customer. The concept of IMC wraps itself around its customers to effectively communicate with them and help them through the various stages of the buying process. In the process of doing so, the organization is automatically building its brand image. This can also be termed as ‘Relationship Marketing’ as it sows the seeds of building a bond of loyalty with its customers. This in turn helps the organization avoid unnecessary competition. Keeping a loyal customer base serves as a powerful weapon for any organization. Once you have a loyal customer base, things automatically run smoothly in your organization.

Since, IMC communicates with its customers through digital platforms it proves to be very cost-effective. In this fast-paced world where digitalization has taken over, customers spend most of their time on smartphones and laptops. In such a scenario a consolidated and crystal-clear message is sure to catch the eye of the customer.

IMC uses various tools like Advertising, Sales Promotion, Public Relations, Direct Marketing, Personal Selling, Events and Experiences, Social Media Marketing and Mobile Marketing. In the modern era of digitalization keeping the traditional tools at the base level and using more of modern tools helps in creating a higher influence on its customers thereby creating a loyal and lifelong customer base.

While talking about IMC, it is essential to note that some brands have done a really great job at it while others have had their challenges. For instance, Domino’s with its excellent ‘Anyware ‘campaign helped its customers order food in many convenient ways. Customers could order pizza through a tweet, text, a smartwatch or even their smart television sets.

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How did Domino’s make this successful?

It saved the customer’s payment information, addresses and an Easy Order and also established Pizza Profiles. The Easy Order section included the preferred payment method, order type (delivery or carryout) and address of your preferred domino’s outlet.

Domino’s smartly used different IMC components like a national television campaign, press releases and online marketing to attract customers and redirect them to their website where, there were many more ways for customers to place their order. This IMC strategy resulted in 500000 visits on the website. The sales growth rate was 10.5 percent. It also helped Dominos achieve its goal of taking half of their orders digitally.

How do Integrated Marketers Communicate?

The most basic form of communication is a process in which, by using symbols or words to satisfy their respective needs, two or more individuals try to consciously or unconsciously influence each other. Similarly, this communication process is used by integrated marketing communications to convince target audiences to listen and act on marketing messages. The ability of other communicators and external stimuli to receive, communicate, and process information allows integrated marketers to perceive advertising and promotional messages that are central to integrated marketing communications.

IMC through online platforms

Prospective customers these days turn to various types of social media for their information searches and to make their purchase decisions. Here is where IMC plays a major role if it uses online platforms to communicate with its target audience. Consumers are often found purchasing online and comparing product features online ultimately making an informed decision. Thus, marketing communications through social media hold more value paving a way for the future.

A holistic approach to branding is provided by integrated marketing. Grounded in advertising and direct media communications, IMC has emerged as the premier way for organizations to manage customer experiences in the digital age. IMC allows spot-on execution to be successful across multiple platforms by coordinating all aspects of the marketing mix to promote a product.

It is important for organizations to promote their products well among end-users, not only to outperform rivals, but also to succeed in the long run. More and more businesses are finding newer ways to market their goods with the increased need for penetration and brand recognition. In ads, promotions and events, this pattern of brands going all out is only going to become more regular, and it is safe to conclude that IMC is here to stay.

IMC is kind of a brand communication through which organizations make their products and services popular among end users. An effective integrated marketing communication is one where marketers identify individuals that are best suited to purchase their products or services.

Therefore, we can safely conclude that this consumer centric approach to marketing  enables all aspects of the marketing mix to work together in harmony to effectively promote a particular product or service between end-users.

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