Learn Commercial Photography

With the growing markets and an increased interest need for professional photographers, a higher number of young and creative individuals are opting for a career in commercial photography. To be a Professional Photographer and improve your skill in Commercial Photography, you may begin by opting for Professional Photography Courses.

Professional Photography Courses are a perfect way to kick-start your journey in photography. Often photographers practicing different genres of photography, also work as commercial photographers to open avenues of earning a living. Besides its monetary benefits, commercial photography also allows for creative experiments and a space to collaborate with other creative individuals and teams such as fashion designers, celebrities, chefs and food stylists, interior designers, architects and more!

To become a Professional Commercial Photographer, one must think of photography as more than a hobby and work on building their skills and expertise in photography. With a dedicated attitude, passion, and a creative eye, one can certainly build a successful career in photography

To become a successful commercial photographer, here are some tips that may help you on the journey:

1. Consider pursuing Professional Photography Courses

A good way to begin your photography journey is to join Professional Photography Courses that will allow you to refine your skills and build an expertise in photography. This can be a good opportunity to be better equipped and have good understanding of working with the camera and equipment. A Professional Commercial Photographer has the ability to work in different situations and improvise under all circumstances to produce the desired result; such an ability can be built on the learning one acquires at Professional Photography Courses.

2. Build a portfolio

One of the most important aspects of being able to get work as a Professional Commercial Photographer is to have a rich portfolio showcasing your skills. It is always good to display a wide range, for example in low light situations, natural light, studio or on-location. As one begins building a career in professional photography, one must give emphasis on building a portfolio.

Working with lights at the SACAC Campus

3. Intern or assist a Professional Commercial Photographer

Assisting or interning with an established commercial photographer will allow for great learning opportunities. Working in a professional environment allows one to understand how the commercial space runs and the kind of situations the photographer needs to tackle.

4. Promote your skills

A commercial photographer must find ways to showcase their skills and creativity allowing other people in the industry to learn about them and generate opportunities. A good way to do this is through social media platforms such as Instagram.

There are multiple avenues and genres to explore in commercial photography. With the growing markets and new restaurants coming up across the country, food photography has become an important skill for a commercial photographer. Image courtesy Neha Bajiya (Batch of 2018 – 19)

5. Build professional relationships

A commercial photographer must also be able to build professional relationships which will lead to more work opportunities. One must build on their communication skills and be an effective communicator to become a professional photographer.