Tips to Become a Good Photographer

When one picks up the camera with the ambition to become a photographer, their first question is: “How do I take better pictures?”

With the digital age and the birth of digital photography and camera phones, anybody can be a photographer. So how does one stand out? Here we are sharing with you some tips and advice that can help kickstart your photographic journey and make you stand apart from the crowd. 

1. Light, Light, Light!

Photograph Courtesy Nitin Joshi

When one breaks down the word photography, it can be loosely understood as “writing the light” or “writing with light”. Photography is the practice of capturing light with the help of a camera. What this essentially means is that the understanding of light is the most important factor when you begin your journey in photography. 

It is crucial for a good photographer to understand light instinctively. How one uses light can dictate what the viewer of your photograph feels when they look at your photograph. Use of light and shadows and flash can drastically change a flat photograph. 

A trick often used by photographers is to photograph during the Golden Hour, which is the time just after sunrise or sunset when the light is soft and very flattering. A good practice is to also make use of beams of light or reflections to add layers to your photograph. 

2. Composition, Form and Framing