What next in Public Relations?

What next in Public Relations?

Public Relations simply put are the communication processes between companies, organizations or individuals and the general public. PR experts try to establish and maintain relationships with an organization’s target audience, all verticals of the media and opinion leaders.




With the changing time and technology, public relations have also evolved from the past. From banners, television, and intelligent adverts to the digital world we live in.

Data being the new oil of the 21st century, companies have developed sources and strategies to gather and store all the required. Large chunks of raw data require expertise and professionals to “analyse” and carve out the data required by a particular company. Here comes the role of Analyst or the so called ‘Data Scientist’.



A decade or two back, before the era of the internet and social media, the marketing industry didn’t care about numbers as they do today. Today analytics is done for almost all kinds of advertising, whether it is print or digital. The marketers with the help of data figure out the usage of different platforms and reach a set of target audience by analysing the data.

Companies trying to succeed in modern public relations have to embrace numbers and analytics. Companies, including the tech, trying to market themselves based on social impact, must do their research, collect their data from both prospective and existing clients and then put some sense in those data. Putting them into perspective in the form of website traffic, a number of leads etc makes sense of the drill of analytics.



With the high level of internet penetration into the society and with increased number of users, large amounts of data and information are just a click away; companies and users can reach out to each other in a matter of a single click. With such a large user base comes a large amount of data that is raw and filled with information from different target audiences that provides information about the pattern and buying behaviour, cultural and psychological understanding of consumers and customers.

The whole world is now a global village courtesy of the internet and improved technology. Back in the days, the television defined and governed brand awareness. However, in the current world, that neighbour of yours who has 100k followers on Instagram can give life-changing impact to your brand.

The world today consists of people who are trusted and highly followed by people. Bloggers too have become extremely influential and those who are credible can be the go-to person when you need to send the word out about your company.

Pitching is only effective if you take your time to study everyone in your press list, their readership, and niches. You cannot get away with mass emailing among other pitching mistakes anymore because journalists and bloggers now receive a ton of pitches per day. They can also easily tell when the email was sent to a gazillion other journalists.

In modern public relations, pitching has to be done keenly and backed by research. The start-ups that are focusing on pitching based on collected data get media coverage more easily than those who are sending emails trying to pitch their new launch or product feature.

Artificial intelligence and quantum computing coupled with the upcoming 5g technology; everything will be easily measurable in future. Right from time spent on all the screens, to cookies captured and nurtured for remarketing. AI is going to change different sectors including PR. New forms of communications methods and tactics will be used such as facial recognition.


‘Public relations’ is an opportune mix of communication, timing, audience targeting, distribution channels (publications), amplification, seeding, and cross promotions. Overall, it is evident from the changing trends that PR is evolving. More responsibilities will certainly mean learning new technologies and being up to date on them, but what it will also mean is that you can consolidate your brand’s communication and speak in one voice - effectively.

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