Pictures or it Didn’t Happen: Documentation in 2020

When Nicéphore Niépce took the first surviving photograph, a view from his window, he became part of an ever-evolving culture of documentation through photographs. We started with bulky cameras and a niche profession, but through the years the cameras got smaller and the number of people using them increased. Continue reading

Is IMC As Simple As it Seems?

When we hear the concept of IMC, it seems like a very simple concept to us. It sounds like a simple concept of communicating with your target audience. But the question is whether this communication is really that simple. In this article we will explore how IMC is integral for building a brand image. Continue reading

PR Fiascos brilliantly managed: Learn from these 6 Brands

Every Organization should be prepared for the inevitable public relations crisis. Yes, it happens to all of us. Hit by a PR crisis, what we need is a quick and carefully crafted response. It comes as a surprise. How you intend to respond, shouldn't be. We need holding statements, role play, crisis alert, trained spokesperson, social media monitoring, and more. Continue reading

Businesses with a heart

Brands that align mind with the heart - are shaping and changing the nature of businesses today. People look for brands with a purpose that is meaningful to them. A balance of technology rooted in purpose is important to channel the right message to the people. Today when the entire planet is awakening, to more than what we call sight, is perception, the ability to discern right and wrong has taken an extremely important place in world. Continue reading