Businesses with a heart

Brands that align mind with the heart - are shaping and changing the nature of businesses today. People look for brands with a purpose that is meaningful to them. A balance of technology rooted in purpose is important to channel the right message to the people. Today when the entire planet is awakening, to more than what we call sight, is perception, the ability to discern right and wrong has taken an extremely important place in world. Continue reading

For those who hit

Advertising has come a long way since its birth. Every civilization has had its equivalent of the basic sales message. The earliest known advertisement was, according to James Playsted Wood’s Story of Advertising, a papyrus created by a slave owner who was looking for one of his runaway slaves. While offering a reward for the return of his property, Hapu the Weaver manages to cheekily sneak in a line about his shop, where “the best cloth is woven to your desires''. Continue reading


The year 2020 has changed the entire course of human existence. This formative year of a new age has changed everything that belongs to life and human beings. The business being only a corollary of human existence is hence no exception. Global lockdown and the brand's nestling for business threw the challenge of marketing like never before. Continue reading

7 Best Ads of 2020

It is undebatable that the Covid-19 pandemic brought about major economic slowdown world over. With lockdowns being imposed in many countries, 2020 was a disastrous year for all major industries. Businesses undertake advertising when they have the budget for it. Continue reading

A Different Kind of Learning

As a centre for creative learning, SACAC understands that each individual comes with a unique set of strengths and challenges. The curriculum is a scrupulously designed mix of theory and practice to help you sharpen your artistic expression while imbibing an impeccable technical and conceptual skill set. Students are exposed to unlimited possibilities, through interaction with industry members, experts and academicians, Continue reading