“Jab Hum Chhote The” at DIFF Virtual Viewing Room

Event overview

We are happy to announce that Shuchi Prasad’s CDC Diploma film Jab Hum Chhote The (When I Was Small) is now available to watch at the DIFF Virtual Viewing Room. The film will be available to audiences around the world for free from 17–26 June 2022.

Film synopsis: Young children hear the ancient epic Mahabharata from a storyteller. The myth allows the young minds to meander as they traverse complex terrains of childhood, a memory revisited for the filmmaker. A thorn amongst the flowers, a story within a story, the tale seeps into our dreams, the place where demons go to sleep.

Fourteen CDC student films have been selected by DIFF Virtual Viewing Room as part of its curation. For more information: https://online.diff.co.in/page/studentdocscdc/

Previous Awards and Screenings:
• Screened at Film Southasia (FSA) 2022.
• Screened at Ambedkar University with Masters and PhD students of sociology, psychology and education 2022.
• Selected for SiGNS Film Festival 2021
• Selected for Freiburger Film Forum 2021
• Shortlisted for Toto Funds the Arts Award for Short Film 2021
• Selected for International Film Festival, Shimla 2020
• Selected for LAMPA International Film Festival 2020
• Selected for Durgapur International Short Film Festival 2020
• Selected for Golden Tree International Documentary Film Festival 2020
• Awarded “Highest Commendation” at Asia South East Short Film Festival 2020
• Selected for Film and Folklore Festival 2020
• Shortlisted for Quinzaine Director’s Fortnight 2020