“Khala Ke Yahan” at DIFF Virtual Viewing Room

Event overview

Happy to share that Varun Trikha and Varun Ajrawat’s CDC Location Project film Khala Ke Yahan (At Khala’s) is screening at the DIFF Virtual Viewing Room. The film will be available to audiences around the world for free from 17–26 June 2022.

Film synopsis: The film is about space and counter space, place and displacement, time and timelessness, domesticity and seclusion, and words and wordlessness. Khala, an immigrant from Bangladesh, runs a teashop, which in the dead of night remodels itself into a domicile for Khala and her seven sons. This 'home' breathes in the ancient city of Mehrauli in Delhi and shares its walls with Disco Baba shrine (with homed drifters and promises of the other world) and the secretive step well of sulphur, which hides within its depths and timelessness, the unreality of its surroundings.

Fourteen CDC student films have been selected by DIFF Virtual Viewing Room as part of its curation. For more information: https://online.diff.co.in/page/studentdocscdc/

Previous Awards and Screenings:
• Selected for BIFFES 2016
• Bangalore International Film Festival 2016
• Screened at 15th Edition FD Zone, Delhi 2015
• Selected for Film South Asia: India International Centre, Delhi
• Screened at Hello Cinema Film Club
• Selected for Traveling Film South Asia- A festival of South Asian documentaries, 2015, New Delhi
• Selected for Delhi Shorts International Film Festival, 2015
• Selected for Delhi International Film Festival 2015
• Selected for International Student Film Festival, Pisek, Czech Republic, 2014
• Screened on Lok Sabha TV, 2014