“Moment’s Notice” Selected for SiGNS Film Festival 2019

Event overview

We are excited to share that Arunima Tenzin Tara’s Moving Image Open Form Course (MIC) film Moment’s Notice has been selected for the 13th SiGNS Film Festival. The festival is organised by the Kerala Region of the Federation of Film Societies of India and is to be held from 26th to 31st December 2019 in Thrisshur.

Film synopsis: The film explores the relationship between a woman and her body. It seeks to understand menstruation, as a biological but also an emotional act. At its core the film is driven by a curiosity; a desire to look at and enjoy an act considered taboo and to also make one more aware of one’s own body. It is critical of modern advertisements and ancient superstitions, but the focus remains on the individual and her relationship outside of society’s understanding of the act. The colour red is important. It is dramatic and frightening but also bright and beautiful.

Prateek Shekhar’s MIC film Chai Darbari and Purandhya Sharma, Rustam Mazumdar and Shuchi Prasad’s location project film Teesri Khwaish have also been selected for this edition. To learn more about the festival: https://www.signsfestival.in/archive-2019/