“Nazara” at DIFF Virtual Viewing Room

Event overview

We are pleased to announce that Gagandeep Singh’s CDC Diploma film Nazara is screening at the DIFF Virtual Viewing Room. The film will be available to audiences around the world for free from 17–26 June 2022.

Film synopsis: A man sits by a busy road, his face painted white. Passersby gaze at him, he is difficult to ignore. The film explores these different experiences and interactions, the vulnerabilities that perhaps we all carry in a public space.

Fourteen CDC student films have been selected by DIFF Virtual Viewing Room as part of its curation. For more information: https://online.diff.co.in/page/studentdocscdc/

Previous Screenings:
• Selected for Edinburgh Festival of Indian Films and Documentaries 2017
• Selected for Clapstick International Students’ Film Festival 2019