“Qila Aparajit” Selected for Cut.In Student Film Festival 2017

Event overview

Happy to share that Manur Raj Katyal’s CDC Diploma film Qila Aparajit (The Fort Undefeated) has been selected for Cut.In, the Student Film Festival organised by the Tata Institute of Social Sciences.

Film synopsis: Some children live in a Night Shelter close to Jama Masjid. Living with them in their world and experiencing their life situations closely is the path that the film moves on. Also, an exploration of the Red Fort and its history adds to this journey by making us think about the children’s connection with this monument. By offering us a way of looking at the children’s lives and their relationship to a historical monument, the films ends up raising some questions for us to think about.

Previous Screenings:
• Selected for Alpavirama Asian Short and Documentary Film Festival, National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad, 2016
• Selected for Urban Lens, Bengaluru and Delhi, 2016
• Selected for U Special International Campus Film Festival 2016