“The Crow, The Swan, The Snake” at KSIFF 2019

Event overview

We are happy to share that Debankon Singh Solanky’s CDC mid-term project film The Crow, The Swan, The Snake has been selected for the 8th Kolkata Shorts International Film Festival 2019.

Film synopsis: In Ayurveda the mind, body and consciousness is understood as a whole. It looks at the human body as a semblance of codes. The balance of the 3 fundamental energies – Wind-Fire-Earth, is responsible for the characteristics of our body. Nadipariksha (Pulse examination) is the first & most important diagnostic technique used. Movement of the pulse is referred to as “the Crow, the Swan & the Snake”. The film captures the subjective experience of an old clinic located in Delhi. It explores the environment and the spirit of this place. The relationship between the “giver” and the “taker” and the faith that binds them.

Teesri Khwaish made by Purandhya Sharma, Rustam Mazumdar and Shuchi Prasad has also been selected. For more information: https://miniboxoffice.com/kolkatashortsinternationalfilmfestival/

Previous Screenings:
• Selected for Rolling Reels Films Festival, Trichy 2019
• Selected for First-Time Filmmaker Sessions, USA 2019