“We Came Here to Make God” at DIFF Virtual Viewing Room

Event overview

We are delighted to share that Debankon Singh Solanky’s CDC Diploma film We Came Here to Make God is now screening at the DIFF Virtual Viewing Room. The film will be available to audiences around the world for free from 17–26 June 2022.

Film synopsis: A tent is set up far away from home for its inhabitants, artisans. They bring with them bundles of clothes, tools, and their desires. While the image of God takes shape here, things are cracking at the seams elsewhere.

Fourteen CDC student films have been selected by DIFF Virtual Viewing Room as part of its curation. For more information: https://online.diff.co.in/page/studentdocscdc/

Previous Awards and Screenings:
• Selected for IDSFFK 2021
• Selected for SiGNS Film Festival, Kerala 2021
• Selected for International Film Festival of Shimla 2020
• Selected for the Working Title Film Festival, Venice 2020
• Selected for Lift Off Sessions, Berlin 2020