“Zabaan Par” Screened at Habitat Centre International Film Festival 2019

Event overview

Happy to inform that Mallika Visvanathan’s MIC Diploma film Zabaan Par has been selected as part of the Habitat Centre International Film Festival 2019 to be held in May 2019 as part of the students’ film package.

Film synopsis: The film is an exploration of the fault lines between politics, history and language. Drawing on passages from C.M. Naim's Ambiguities of Heritage, the film seeks to reflect upon the history of Urdu and the place it holds in India. Based in an Urdu class, where the filmmaker tries to learn the language, it is about the simple labour and joy involved in learning a new language. It is also an attempt to document the everydayness of language and nationalism in a constantly changing city.

Prateek Shekhar’s MIC Diploma film Chai Darbari has also been selected for the festival.