Diploma Film List & Synopses 2013-14


Khoj (18 min) by Akshika Chandna

The feeling of hanging in the middle, trying to make sense of your life, a career which is ridiculed by society, a space of your own – a temporary escape from the mundane but still holding on to hope and trying to change yourself as well as those around you…a daily struggle, a quest for finding oneself and trying to carve a niche for yourself is the best way I can explain what my film is about.

Secret Windows (20 min) by Ansh Ranvir Vohra

We exist in a world where the digital universe, for better or for worse, has permeated our lives. It has crept in through the windows, made its way into our bedrooms, and melded into our very existence. With a set of imagined realities revolving around four characters at its centre, the film tries to weave a web (pun-intended) of experiences that examine the politics between connection & disconnection, private & public, and estrangement & engagement that we constantly deal with in this world, where the lines between the virtual and the real have never been so blurred.

Maine Dilli Nahin Dekha / I Am Yet To See Delhi (19 min) by Humaira Bilkis

The film is an anthropocentric exploration of the city of Delhi. The filmmaker discovers the soul of the city not in its museums, mausoleums and architecture but in her relationship with its people. The process of looking at the new urban space offers the filmmaker a chance to relook at her own space, identity and cultural moorings.

Distant Whispers (15 min) by Rachita Singh Fogat

How do we imagine something that has always been there, suddenly being gone? Can you imagine a world without a sky? No. It has always been there.

Raah (19 min) by Radhika Fatania

How challenging is it for an aspiring young lady to fight the filters carved out by society and follow her desires to become an independent filmmaker? Will she overcome the hurdles carried by social conditioning and family expectations? Follow Radhika, through her intimate thoughts and struggle to prove herself and her passionate art.

Panchvati (18 min) by Satendra Singh

Will Durant famously said, ‘Sixty years ago I knew everything; now I know nothing’. Panchvati explores the idea of this second innocence in a new world – one that calms the mind even as fragments of the past haunt it. And the future…well that’s another world…

Koi Dekhne Wala Hai? (18 min) by Shilpi Saluja

The film explores the sense of touch and music in the lives of special children in a residential school.

Saatvin Khwahish / The Seventh Wish (27 min) by Varhun Trikha

It was a woman’s world but was it real? They loved each other but was their love real? Were they themselves real? Saatvi Khwahish looks at the politics of representation in the denounced poetry of Rekhti, colloquial Urdu poetry written in the language and voice of women. Guided by this 18th & 19th century poetry, the film creates a woman scape through the fragments of contemporary lives of some women & the Gjins, the intangible survivors of Rekhti; and within this world, it imagines desires considered outrageous- desires that led to a century of rejection of Rekhti.