Diploma Film List & Synopses 2016-17


Jamnapaar (24min) by Abhinava Bhattacharyya

Jamnapaar lurks on the river’s edge seeking to explore how the inhabitants of the Jamuna relate to its degraded presence, the fragile nostalgia of an unknowable past and the horror of its unthinkable future.

A Story About Them (25min) by Akanksha Gupta

The film attempts to understand the relationship between migration and a sense of belonging. What binds and separates these two distinct realities? In Khirkee, both a cause and effect of migration, the locality plays a peculiar role in shaping these experiences.

A Distant Song (23min) by Anuradha Bansal

Nostalgia, banalities, expectations, the old and the new- the film explores life, hope and failure weaved through the stories of individuals set on the journey of music.

Sketch of a Home (19min) by Aparna Bansal

Different people define home in different ways. Yet there is something which connects all these definitions. The film explores this connection through the life and routine in one such home.

For Susan (25min) by Arunima Tenzin Tara

For Susan explores the idea of dignity. Inspired by my grandmother’s notebooks, it finds pleasure in activities hidden or forgotten.

The Photos We Made (16min) by Aviva Dharmaraj

What does it mean to make photographs in a time when there is a surfeit of images? The film is an attempt to look at the ways in which photographs continue to compel us to recreate, relive, and retell stories about ourselves.

Nazara (23min) by Gagandeep Singh

A man sits by a busy road, his face painted white. Passersby gaze at him, he is difficult to ignore. The film explores these different experiences and interactions, the vulnerabilities that perhaps we all carry in a public space.

After Word (21 min) by Mallika Visvanathan

After Word is an attempt to explore the world of objects and their relationship to time, value and memory. Set in Daryaganj, the film imagines the stories that are hidden, forgotten or left behind.

Residents (25min) by Vasuki Chandak

The film looks at different spaces and moments that the urban landscape offers its residents, in the hope of creating an awareness of a presence that often breathes unacknowledged.