Diploma Film List & Synopses 2018-19


Humne Jo Seekha Hai (23 min) by Aadya Pandey

In a society obsessed with binaries, the film seeks to explore the spaces where opinions co-exist, through tea time conversations of a middle class family.

Did You Do It? (23 min) by Aditi Bhande

A place that is neither urban nor rural, on the fringes of the capital of India. The film attempts to explore the dynamics between natural resources and human intervention in this place that is my home. Who is responsible- they, you, me- all of us?

Bound By Us (20 min) by Chinmoy Sonowal

An exploration of the life of a shrinking forest that finds itself confined within the city of New Delhi, the film looks at direct and indirect impacts of human intervention.

We Came Here To Make God (21 min) by Debankon Singh Solanky

A tent is set up far away from home for its inhabitants, artisans. They bring with them bundles of clothes, tools, and their desires. While the image of God takes shape here, things are cracking at the seams elsewhere.

To Euge: Nirmala aka Mother (23 min) by Grace Sukanya

This is a letter to my mother, the first to be written. It is an attempt to figure out how to talk to a "mother" who has been constantly present in my life, but remains a stranger to me.

Vriddh (22 min) by Himon Rai Chowdhury

A reflective observation, the film looks at the intertwining lives of people who are a generation apart. Coexisting in an old age shelter for Delhi's 'abandoned' elderly, both the generations depend on each other. Is this dependency a mere transaction or is it really godly? The narrative reflects upon the thought.

Sudhamayee (21 min) by Megha Acharya

The film’s narrative revolves around a woman whose life is filled with events that happen tediously often, even as she battles a chronic disease. She lives on, drawn along by the nectar of life.

Jo Ho So Ho (17 min) by Neelansh Mittra

Through the words of three poems, the film unfolds the idea of vulnerability, with a family of Qawwals that survive on these poems. It attempts to understand the instincts guiding these poems as envisioned by the poets themselves.

Smaran (22 min) by Purandhya Sharma

There is so much to say as we live through life. Our experiences become our stories. Over a few afternoons spent with my grand aunt, I get an insight into my roots as I listen to the reminiscences of the older generation who have so much to share.

Market (20 min) by Rustam Mazumdar

Witnessing the capitalist reality of the 21st century as individuals, critique and analysis often becomes externalized, as it is difficult to look at our selves as manifestations of such a society. This piece attempts to acknowledge the absurdist quality of everyday interactions, relationships, and the idea of attraction through the hustle and bustle of a market-space.

Jab Hum Chhote The (26 min) by Shuchi Prasad

Young children hear the ancient epic Mahabharata from a storyteller. The myth allows the young minds to meander as they traverse complex terrains of childhood, a memory revisited for the filmmaker. A thorn amongst the flowers, a story within a story, the tale seeps into our dreams, the place where demons go to sleep.