Alumni Talks - Seminar 2

Event overview

On 18 December 2021, SACAC’s Advertising and Public Relations batch 2021-22 hosted the second seminar of the Alumni Talks. The seminar again witnessed SACAC’s alumni sharing their industry work experience with a special focus on Copywriting and Creativity. The theme of the seminar was “What is the difference between a good copy and a great copy?”.

Our first speaker was Tanima Kohli (2017-18 Advertising and PR alumnus) who started the talks with sharing her experience on campus and her diverse experience working in the industry. Tanima advocated that engaging content must be written in tandem with the message to be delivered. She claimed that great copy can be achieved when personal insight is married to what the client wants. Furthermore, she screened a few ad campaigns designed by her and mentioned the process of how an advertisement is made — starting with a brief, the importance of insight, and choosing the right endorsement. Some of these ads included – Prega News (Kareena Kapoor) and Manforce (Sunny Leone).

Abhishek Malik who refer to himself as Toto (2016-17 ADPR alumnus) inspired the students with his love towards the campus and his SACAC journey. Abhishek encouraged the students to find significant insight through life experiences which will make for great copies. He showcased his work with Schbang as a Creative Lead and RepIndia where he worked with brands like Oyo, Google, Amazon Prime Video, and Zomato. Also, Abhishek taught the students about adjusting tones while writing and mentioned how humour is the most challenging copy to write.

Last guest speaker of the event was Ashutosh Goswami (2018-19 Integrated Mass Communications alumnus) who shared his journey from being an engineer to a media professional. Ashutosh explained how copywriting is all about serving an objective, solving the problem of the marketer’s customer understanding, and delivering contextual content. He prompted the students to retain enthusiasm towards writing. Ashutosh also stated the two modes of writing:
1) Author: who makes a copy creative, 2) Editor: who is more analytical in his writing. In the end, he presented the students with a questionnaire that will help them write great copy.

Later, the floor was open to questions and the alumni shared their perspectives. SACAC Director Daljeet Wadhwa closed the event expressed her gratitude to the alumni for sharing their experiences with the current Advertising & PR batch.

Written by Ishita Swarup