Alumni Talks - Seminar 3

Event overview

‘Learning is a constant process, and you will keep experiencing that all your life,’ said Vritika Thareja at the beginning of 3rd seminar of the Alumni Talks organised by the Advertising and Public Relations 2021-22 batch. Vritika Thareja, Tania Bagchi and Sameer Selvam are the alumni from AD-PR 2020-2021 batch who joined as guest speakers to share their experiences at SACAC and their current professional life. After working as professionals for few years and then enrolling in SACAC, the first thing they noticed was the amount of knowledge gained from the faculty through class interactions which boosted their knowledge of Advertising and Public Relations. ‘It opened up a whole new world for the three of us,’ Vritika commented.

‘The most important thing in this field is on the job training. Nothing beats that. The biggest advantage that we got at SACAC is that it is up-to-date with the happenings in the industry and it incorporates that into what is being taught in every new batch that starts. The approach to teaching is very different here, it's super dynamic,’ added Sameer.

Tania enthusiastically shared that ‘SACAC opens you up. It prepares you for the world that you will experience after you step out into the field. It's all about doing the work, be it a presentation or a task – participation and interactions are the key and that is the practice that SACAC instils in you as it did for us. The subjects taught in AD&PR PG Diploma, the topics that are covered are taught in a way that will remain with you all your life. We still look back at the notes that we made during our classes.’

Tania and Sameer, both currently Junior Copywriters at Isobar India, stressed on the fact that the exercises they did on creativity at SACAC have helped them a lot because what started as a practice has now become a habit and helps them push themselves to get better every time.

Vritika, who is currently working as an Account Executive at TBWA\India stressed ‘Good communication and relationship management are the key to getting the work done effectively and efficiently. Account management and client servicing is about getting the work done in the smoothest way possible, by being the intermediary between the client and the rest of the team who are performing the task.’

The current batch of ADPR students had questions regarding the responsibilities of an account manager as well as a copy writer in an AD agency, also how to manage time better in the industry which were resolved by our guest speakers. The alumni also spoke about the placement procedure where they gave tips to ace an interview and also things that the students should focus on while preparing for their interview, resume and portfolio. This gave the students an insight on the professional point of view and ways to motivate themselves while preparing for placements.

The session was concluded by Sameer Selvam on this note, ‘The life and training at SACAC are just like a wind-tunnel that prepares the students just before they take off into the new world with their professions and their callings.’

Written by Kaustubh Pandya and Angela Demello