Asawari Salwan

Asawari Salwan is an Engineer from CEPT Ahmedabad with a technology background from IIIT, Hyderabad. She has been a part of the Digital Marketing landscape for the past 10 years as it evolved into what it is today. Her past engagements comprise of website design and development companies like Comstar from Milwaukee US, agencies like Tree Frogs, brands like The Heritage Schools, Philips Respironics (Sleep Solutions), Aamod Resorts and more. Her core competency is Strategy for Digital Campaigns.
I bring to SACAC my experience with Digital Clients, brand and agency, but mostly brands. Through my course Digital Marketing I try to work with students to enhance their strategic thinking. I believe, being Digital, is a mindset. Teaching at SACAC is a very wholesome experience for me. My responsibility is not just to equip the students at the advertising course with technology, but to empower them to be able to work anywhere in the lifecycle of a Digital Campaign