Hitesh Manocha

Any communication initiative of an organization is set out by the marketing programs of an organization. I bring over 14 years of corporate experience in Marketing and Sales with emphasis on Strategic Initiatives, Handling competition, Distribution and Sales management activities of an organization. I always endeavor to blend this by using real life examples and the use of cases, presentations for interacting with the students.

Have interacted with eight batches of students. It has been interesting and challenging at times. Many students I found have left their existing jobs because they find it mundane and boring. The students areextremely keen to learn as they find the courses to be extremely creative. It is sometimes a challenge for us to keep the class interesting and relevant to real life situations. Also very often students perceive the advertising courses to be glamorous and set high level of expectations. Managing student expectations and making them align to ground realities is one key task I try to balance.

Overall I have enjoyed my stint at SACAC.

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