Naren Singh Rao

Naren Singh Rao is a Delhi-based young media academic and public educator. He started teaching postgraduate students when he was 23. For over half a decade, he has taught a range of critical subjects including Communication/Media and Cultural Theory, Critical Theory, Community Radio, Politics and Sociology of Advertising, Social Advertising and Campaign Planning at Indian Institute of Mass Communication (IIMC), JNU Campus, New Delhi.

He is an alumnus of University of Delhi and IIMC, New Delhi. His academic qualification is M.Phil. (on Cinema and Literature), M.A. (Mass Communication and English Literature) UGC-NET (Mass Communication) and B.A. Hons. (English).

He is an avid reader and a keen observer of Indian society and politics. He periodically contributes analytical pieces to varied alternative, people’s media.

Among communication/media students and young professionals in Delhi, he is known as a staunchly democratic-liberal teacher who passionately defies reactionary dogmas, hierarchies and authorities. He firmly believes in the idea of sharing and considers his students friends and fellow-travellers, living in the same space and time.
Prior to academics, he had a brief stint as creative consultant (copywriting) at Leo Burnett and Mudra Communications, New Delhi.

Naren and SACAC:
At SACAC, I share with students a range of multidisciplinary oriented critical understanding about society, politics, culture and media. Through this, I strive to sharpen the intellect and broaden the worldview of the young minds, thereby training them to think more freely, critically and creatively.

The SACAC Experience:
My experience at SACAC has been immensely rewarding. It is needless to say that SACAC attracts the best of talents as students. I have always been amazed to witness their sparkling creativity, academic brilliance and refined thinking.

Surely, the management and faculty leadership of SACAC is top-notch. The level of moral and ethical fiber the people associated with it encompasses is incomparable. And the serene, natural beauty and refined academic-cultural atmosphere of its campus is simply matchless!

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