Priyanka KV

With 15+ years of being a part of Indian advertising fraternity & having worked with global advertising networks like Saatchi & Saatchi, Wunderman & Taproot Dentsu (Dentsu), the facets of expertise I bring into SACAC are Advertising, Brand Strategy. and Communications. With the recent years of experience as a brand custodian on the client side of business, what I also try to impart to our students is about finding the right balance of brand strategy and creative liberty to be able to carve out impactful and effective communication keeping 'Brand' very integral to the process. I also mentor the students to develope them as professionals as they embark on their individual journeys. This is a passion I hold very close to my heart.


Unlike the regular advertising courses that may be more theoretical, at SACAC, the effort is to look at the practical aspect with equal importance through a carefully designed course structure. It takes into account what employers seek in the fresh talent right out of a specialized course. My experience with SACAC has been amazing. I find the management's focus on mentoring the students to be corporate ready while aligning with ethical values and social responsibility at large to be something that distinguishes it apart from the rest. The personal and professional development this place provides to its students, is immense through workshops, live sessions on varied topics of development and practical assignments. The biggest challenge for a teacher dealing with an ever evolving subject is to ensure that the students are constantly challenged to keep abreast with the ecosystem. And this is what I strive to do in each session and beyond with my students.

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