Decoding Interviews: Let's Get You That Job

Vipul Rawat is a former project manager, an HR head, a certified master practitioner in Neuro-Linguistic programming (NLP) and the founder of ‘Decoding Interviews’, an employment excellence academy. Besides training, he consults with organizations to build the right teams in setting KRAs and KPIs for automating processes towards creating a measurable business impact. About the book: Decoding Interviews is an engaging manual that examines an exhaustive list of skills and qualities that interviewers find irresistible in a perfect candidate. Fresh candidates are using it to get their first jobs and experienced candidates, to increase their performance and negotiate higher salaries. Decoding Interviews shows you ways of approaching the most important job-related challenges and answers questions like: Says Vipul: “My attachment towards my first few drafts had to be junked for the book to take the kind of shape that would interest the reader. I am glad that the book helped many find their dream jobs. The creative writing course at SACAC was instrumental in my journey of becoming an author.”

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