Dev Bhatia

"Dev Bhatia is the co-founder of UnMute – a pioneering music management and booking agency for Electronic dance music in India. As a full service entertainment company, UnMute also consults with brands, music festivals and venues. Its ethos and philosophies though are based on Dev’s groundwork with India’s leading erstwhile electronic live act, Jalebee Cartel, who he managed for 6 years. During that time, Dev developed new techniques and formats to help artists as well as provide a bridge between venues, brands and talent by setting up industry defining benchmarks. From artist management to broadcast media, music festivals to conferences – Dev has broken down many barriers as the Creative Head for a leading national mobile radio product, a backstage asset for music festivals, curator and moderator for global panels and workshops (ADE, IMS, TDME + more) along with his artist management career. Considered an expert in marketing, social media strategy and foreseeing trends, he is now diversifying his interests to other aspects of entertainment with his next big move focused towards the world of sport, where he hopes to create a similar impact."

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