Dileep Prakash

Dileep Prakash (b. 1965) majored in history and has been photographing since the 1980s. A considerable part of his practice navigates memory, history and the passage of time – specifically India’s colonial past. Dileep’s fascination for steam locomotives began when he travelled between his boarding school and home and he photographed some of India’s last steam trains (1999-2003). For his project, The Anglo-Indians (2004-2006), he made portraits of a community in the twilight. From 2007 to 2010, Dileep photographed boarding schools built by the British in colonial India. He began this project, titled What Was Home, at his alma mater Mayo College, Ajmer circa 1875. His recent work Sleeping in the Forest (2007-17) looks at moonlit dak bungalows and forests in the Himalayas.

Dileep is a visiting faculty and jury for the Master’s photography courses at the National Institute of Design, Gandhinagar.

Dileep Prakash is represented by Photoink and divides his time between his home in the Himalayas and New Delhi.

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