Safar a Journey of the Self

Not every storm comes as an obstruction in your life! Some come gushing through, only to clear your path and create a ‘new you’. “Safar: A Journey of the Self”, is one such journey that will take you through various stages of life, giving clarity on how to avoid the misguided paths in order to connect to yourself. With this book, Sonee Singh aspires to touch lives of all those people who might be currently lost in the chaos of life, by showing them the path of light, with grace and love of the divine. She hopes that the experiences and learnings of her life inspire you to take that life-changing step to finally discover your true purpose of life. Says Sonee: “Writing this book was an experience in itself. It was a transformational journey. My experiences and learnings over the years have shaped who I am today and my connection with the Divine has led me to this beautiful path of transformation. It has guided me and made me pour my thoughts effortlessly in a sublime way. The creative writing course at SACAC, Delhi, helped me nurture and hone my writing skills and has especially helped in a great deal as I work on my second book.”

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