Simrat Gulati

She has been associated with SACAC for the last 14 years, since the time the Advertising course was designed and started. An alumni of Indian Institute of Mass Communication [IIMC] , she teaches Mass Communication, Advertising and Consumer Behaviour in many advertising colleges as visiting faculty along with being with SACAC. She has both industry and teaching experience of over 30 years which she brings to the classroom.

Simrat and SACAC
I bring to my students here the vast experience and first hand knowledge of the diaspora of the Indian market. Having travelled and resided in all corners of the country I am able to present to my students here the ‘real picture’ of the Indian consumer. It’s a journey of discovery for them and is achieved by doing, learning and imbibing from all the teaching and sharing of experience in the interactions.

The SACAC Experience
It’s a sharing and exchange of ideas, views and experiences that are part of the teaching process here. It great to see the students open their minds to learning and realise the reality of the big world outside. Seeing them grow and change their preconceived notions and carve a path for themselves always gives me, as a facilitator, tremendous satisfaction of a task well done. The varied backgrounds that they come from and the innovative ideas they pursue is a learning for me and adds to my experience.

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