Sulina Menon

Sulina is a seasoned media professional and is taking care of the subject Media planning and Buying at SACAC. I have worked in the industry for 32 years and have seen the industry evolve from the analog world to a digital world today. I have been a media planner on many brands big and small, Business lead at Zee TV and Client at Samsung. I believe my journey in media has been exciting and I continue to advise clients on Integrated solutions for brands in today’s world.

I love teaching, training and giving back to the industry that has given me so much. It is important for the communicators of tomorrow to understand the evolution of the landscape and how to navigate that for the consumers. I teach media Planning basics and concepts to the students and enlighten them on how it integrates with the marketing function.

SACAC is a holistic institution that teaches the students not just about the professional aspects but also important aspects to living life successfully. I love the greenery and the serenity of the place and coming and teaching here. It gives me immense satisfaction to come to the institution and share my knowledge and experience with the future professionals.

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