Suvani is an artist and researcher based in New Delhi. A graduate of the New Media Design programme from the National Institute of Design, she works with sound and intermedia assemblages and has been exploring various modes of transmission such as podcasts, auditory texts, sonic environments, maps, objects, installations, workshops and live interventions. Her work has been exhibited at Khoj Studios (2014), 4th Kochi-Muziris Biennale (2018), Mumbai Art Room (2018), Sound Reasons Festival VI (2018), Khoj Curatorial Intensive South Asia (2019), Five Million Incidents (2020). As part of an artists' collective Out of Line, she co-conceived and realised an online telephonic exhibition, which is now being supported by the FICA Public Arts Grant. Currently, she is a participant in the ongoing program Capture All: A Sonic Investigation, with Sarai and Liquid Architecture, supported by Australia Council for the Arts. Alongside, she has been teaching at several universities and educational spaces where her pedagogical interests conflate with a critical inquiry into the digital and sonic sensorium.

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