The Turbo Gang – Inception

Rushati Ghosh has been secretly writing stories since early childhood, hiding them under table mats, bed mattresses and in her brother’s retired toy boxes. After completing her Mathematics (Hons.), she journeyed off to the corporate world carving an amazing caree at McKinsey & Co. She says her creative juices overflew as she attended creative writing course at SACAC over weekends. Soon, she took a U-turn from the corporate world to finally enter her realm of creativity. You can often find her writing stories in cafes, libraries, airplanes and on beaches. Her debut book in the series, The Turbo Gang, is about a gang of superhero kids with special abilities. One of her short stories has also turned into a short film, Aghatit. She is now working on numerous novels encouraged by the response from her first book. About the book: The Turbo Gang – Inception The Turbo Gang is a funny, inspiring, action-packed book about three ten-year old kids with different abilities – Bankoo, Mikka and Tara. They possess amazing superpowers and are unstoppable. No less incredible than Tony Stark or Hulk, this gang of misfits breaks all barriers and stereotypes by saving the world from the crazy bad guys.

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