Tulsi ka Dhuan

Kusum Kapoor lives in Australia but she used one of her visits to India to enroll into the creative writing course at SACAC. She has seen over seventy summers, but has the enthusiasm of a child. She said, “I knew that I loved to write, but also recognized that writers are not born; they emerge with proper training. The lectures and workshops gave me a lot of opportunities to learn and positively engage with the instructors. After the course, I found that my characters came to life more than before. Some of my readers thought that my characters were actually real people whom I portrayed from real life. My ‘backgrounds’ became three dimensional and my plots were within boundaries.” One of her books, ‘Tulsi ka Dhuan’ is doing well at Amazon and her second book that revolves around Kashmir is being edited. She is now working on her third book which is on historical fiction.

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