Krishna Rao

A certified audio engineer and producer from Sri Aurobindo Centre for Arts and Communication, Krishna owns and operates LotusTree Studios (New Delhi) since 2012. Having been involved with music as a vocalist since the age of five, Krishna’s love for music technology drove him to find his current passion in audio engineering.
Krishna has worked as a producer/ mix engineer with many bands in his studio as well as a composer for scores and documentary sound design/ game sounds for companies such as Nayi Disha Studios and TERI films. Krishna has a mastery over both Logic and Pro Tools, both of which he uses during the production, composition and mix stages of work.
Apart from studio work, Krishna is a regular engineer for bands like Antariksh, Zokova, Doppler Effect, AJ projekt etc for whome he handles live sound. He is also called as a consultant/ engineer for sound installations at venues in and around Delhi.